Your Generosity Fuels Our Mission

Foster the Bay is funded solely through financial partnerships with people like you.
Your donation is a tax-deductible investment in the vision of Foster the Bay.
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We put your generosity to work.

28% - Partnership Development - We are devoted to fostering positive relationships with local government agencies and churches. These funds cover the costs for meetings, resources, and promotional materials aimed at establishing and enhancing these relationships.
24% - Awareness and Appreciation - Each year, we facilitate dozens of meetings and events to inform and equip Bay Area residents to address the foster care crisis. We also host appreciation events for Bay Area social workers.
18% - Advocate Development - We are committed to Advocate health and success. These funds allow us to develop resources, host trainings, provide coaching, and show appreciation to Foster the Bay Advocates across the Bay.
16% - Administrative Needs - Our commitment to quality means we take the details seriously. These funds cover various dues and fees, contract services, and office space which enable us to serve the Bay Area with excellence.
14% - Advancement - While we’ve made great progress toward our goal of providing a loving home for every child in foster care, there is much more work to be done. These funds are invested in fundraising efforts which provide for the future of Foster the Bay.


Join a passionate team of Financial Partners.

Our budget is provided solely through private donations from the following sources:
40% - One-time Contributions
25% - Monthly-recurring Contributions (Individuals)
20% - Monthly-recurring Contributions
10% - Fundraising Events
5% - Grants and Foundations


“A few years ago, I spontaneously went to the CAFO Summit. For the first time, I heard about caring for vulnerable children as a ministry of the Church. After coming home and fasting and praying about how God wanted me to respond, He clearly told me, “Support adoptive families.”  Later, when we were introduced to Foster the Bay and their model of supporting foster families, we knew right away we wanted to be involved somehow. This movement captures the essence of the Gospel and what the Church should be! We’re glad to be a part of Foster the Bay!”

Jessica, Benjie, and Family
Partners since 2017


Since 2015, Financial Partners have helped Foster the Bay: 








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