Welcome, Alameda County!


With three of the past four NBA Championship trophies in their possession, Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors have proven they are champions. Fans throughout the East Bay proudly don their Curry jerseys. T-shirts with “THE TOWN” emblazoned across the chest are ubiquitous, and you can’t go far without seeing a flash of that signature blue and gold color combination. East Bay residents know what it feels like to be part of something exciting.

As Foster the Bay launches in Alameda County, it has become clear that this champion spirit runs deeper than basketball for those who live in the East Bay. Nearly 100 people attended the first Interest Meeting hosted in Alameda County, the highest attendance for an Interest Meeting ever! Eight churches have already stepped forward in partnership with Foster the Bay. We’ll be hosting our very first Launch Meeting in Alameda County next week, and three families have indicated a commitment to providing loving homes for children in foster care in Alameda County. A team of champions is assembling in the East Bay, and here’s the best part:

You can join this all-star team!

Whether you’re a pastor who would like to lead your church to care for vulnerable children or a college student who would like to provide childcare at Interest Meetings, your partnership matters. This is the best part of our ministry model:

Everyone has a role to play.

When you partner with Foster the Bay, you become part of something exciting. You join a team of people who are using their talents, skills, and resources to transform the Bay Area one loving home at a time. If you haven’t had a chance to partner with us before, now is the time. You can make a difference for children in foster care.

Get involved in one of the following ways:

Become an Advocate, Foster Family, or Support Friend - Care for vulnerable children in your community by opening your home or your heart to their needs. Ready to make a difference? Start by attending an Interest Meeting near you. Click Here to RSVP.

Become a Financial Partner - Foster the Bay could not continue in this effort without the amazing partnership of those who financially invest in the vision. A remarkably generous partner has offered to match every gift given between now and March 16th up to a total of $50,000. Simply click here and choose “50k in 50 Days” to give a donation and make double the impact!

Become a Volunteer - This year, we will host dozens of informational meetings and appreciation events in five different counties around the Bay Area. You can help others learn more about foster care or show social workers how much they are appreciated by coordinating these events, providing childcare or refreshments, assisting with data collection and data entry, or participating in administrative duties. You can use your graphic design or story-telling skills to increase awareness of the needs in the foster care system and encourage others to meet the need. If you would like to volunteer with Foster the Bay, please send an email to info@fosterthebay.org. We look forward to partnering with you!

If you are already involved with Foster the Bay, thank you! Thank you for helping us work toward the day when the list of children waiting for a home will be replaced with a list of families waiting to share their hearts and homes. You are All-Stars, and we are so glad you’re on our team.

Alameda County, welcome to Foster the Bay! We are thrilled to be partnering with you.

Foster the Bay