The Call


Two years ago, my husband and I learned about Foster the Bay through a sermon at our church. When we got in the car after the service, I turned to him and said, “I want us to become foster parents.” He admits that he initially thought, “She’s probably serious, but let me try to sweep this under the rug as much as possible.”

After some minor nudging on my part, he agreed to attend an Interest Meeting and half-jokingly warned that we would likely only donate money. After the Interest Meeting, I asked him what he thought. To my surprise, he wanted to take the next step towards becoming foster parents!

That may sound too easy, but there were many things we had to consider after leaving the Interest Meeting.

We were the parents of two children, ages 3 and 1.5 years old, and we knew that we had a choice to make. We could continue to live each day for our own needs, or we could be a family that cared for others’ needs. We decided to welcome foster children into our hearts and home, and to show grace to their parents with the hope that they could eventually know their true worth. There was a deep abiding belief within us that our family would grow in compassion and responsiveness to the hurt in this world. And we have.

To know that we are a phone call away from being a safe and loving home for a child is the greatest blessing and honor. To have experienced The Call and have said yes to fostering has changed us forever and for the better.