Let's do it again!


In 2018, we doubled our impact in the Bay Area.

How? We kept our focus laser-pointed on a single mission: to mobilize local churches to provide a loving home for every child in the foster care system. The result was a 100% increase in church partnerships.


In 2019, we want to do it again.

How? By keeping our focus laser-pointed on the mission to provide a loving home for every child in foster care. More than 135 children have already found security and comfort in a loving Foster the Bay home, and we aren’t done. Next year, we plan to partner with dozens more local churches to see at least one hundred more children placed in safe, loving homes as a result of Foster the Bay’s work.


Will you help us?

The support we raise before midnight on December 31st will determine the fervency with which we can launch into 2019. Financial Partners have already committed $150,000 of our $450,000 budget, and we’d love to see that matched in Year-End Gifts. If you haven’t already made a tax-deductible donation to Foster the Bay, will you please consider partnering with us in this pivotal role?

Give Today in one of the following ways:

  1. ONLINE - Click Here and make a one-time donation through our secure online portal.

  2. MOBILE DEVICE - Text “fosterthebay” to 77977

2018 has been a year of incredible growth and success. Let’s do it again in 2019!

Foster the Bay