On the Other Side

The world of foster care can feel like a terrifying, turbulent ocean -- the type of waters that one only desires to know from a distance. However, like the first disciples of Jesus, we are called to venture out into deeper, unknown waters. On our own personal journey as foster parents, my husband and I have definitely been led to that stormy place.

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Jessica Pattison
The Chameleon

Sometimes evil is a chameleon.

Recently I have been studying the views of the prophets regarding compassion, justice, good, and evil. Reading and reflecting on their words has led me to ponder what exactly it is the modern church needs to hear from these individuals.

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Sam WhittakerComment
Pole Stars

Are you familiar with the term “adoption triad”? It’s a phrase used to describe the network of relationships between a child who has been adopted, the child’s birth parents, and the child’s adoptive parents. Recently, I was introduced to a difference phrase used to describe this network of relationships: “adoption constellation.”

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Lindsay GoodwinComment