An Advocate is a champion who engages and equips their church to actively participate in caring for foster families and the children placed in their homes a variety of different ways. Advocates work closely with church leadership to continually cast vision and celebrate foster families within the church body, while also coordinating the support friend team leads.

Getting Started

Each Partner Church will select an Advocate or Advocate Team to lead and coordinate the Foster the Bay ministry at their church. The Getting Started materials can be used to help identify, invite, and select an Advocate Candidate.

Casting Vision and Starting a Foster the Bay Ministry

After an Advocate completes their Orientation with the Advocate Leadership Team, the next step is to Cast Vision and build a Foster the Bay Ministry. These materials will be used to plan an impactful vision casting and will help you get started in building a Foster the Bay ministry, even before your first Resource Family is identified.

Building Support Friend Teams

Building strong Support Friend Teams is key to a thriving Foster the Bay ministry. These materials will be used to help plan your Support Friend Training and start the process for wrapping Resource Families with Support Friends.