• Foster the Bay is a great team with a huge vision to tackle one of the greatest problems in the Bay Area. We are so excited to partner together to see thousands of children and teenagers connected to families who can show them love and support. It's a privilege for our church to be a part of this!
    — Andy Wood, South Bay Church
  • We are excited to be partnering with an innovative organization like Foster the Bay. A strong connection to our faith community has been so desperately needed, and I look forward to the possibilities of what we can do together to care for children in our care.
    — Tracy Bowers, Family & Permanency Bureau, Social Services Program Manager
  • Foster the Bay has played a pivotal role collaborating with the Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association in strengthening relationships with social workers. Together we are working to promote quality foster care so we can best serve the most vulnerable children in our communities.
    — Susan Steele, Kinship, Adoptive & Foster Parenting Association
  • We’ve had several families step forward to begin the process of fostering and several more step up to support those families. We couldn’t have imagined how many people had this on their hearts until we launched our partnership with Foster the Bay. Foster the Bay has been a great partner facilitating training and answering questions for our families entering into this new journey.
    — Bob Thomas, Calvary Church
  • We LOVED being a part of Foster the Bay. It gave us a very tangible way for our church to be a part of God’s love for the orphan. And as a result we have people from our community sign up! We very much look forward to working with Foster the Bay in the future.
    — Andy Fitzgerald, The Bridge Community Church